The Cast

Clare Waldron
- returned to Ireland in February 2013

"I never intended to stay away from Ireland for so long. I don't think most emigrants do when they first take flight"

After 30 years abroad, Clare Waldron packed her bags in Boston for the last time and returned back to Ireland.

"People say it is difficult to emigrate but for me, going back home will be the hardest move of all. The decision to move back was not an impulsive one. It took years to germinate, and by now, although I'm scared, I have faith I am doing the right thing. I miss the craic at home, the sense of humour, the people, the culture - I have never found the likes of it anywhere else"

Gerard Ward
- departed Ireland in April 2013

"You want to live your life while you're young and not look back with regrets saying I stayed somewhere I probably shouldn't have. I just have to take a risk and go somewhere. It might work out or it might not".

Gerard left Ireland for Abu Dhabi in 2013 to pursue work as a paramedic.

"I'm proud to be Irish and Dublin is my home and I want to come back to it someday".

Vera Finnegan
- departed Ireland in 1966 with husband Brian & their two children

"The reason we left Ireland was we were living at Mum and Dads home with our two kids and we wanted a house of our own. We were very sad when leaving Ireland. For two years after it was like a grieving process we were so homesick.".

Vera is retired in Australia.

"We were both only 27 when we came out here to the unknown. We thought there was gold on the pavements but there wasn't. We had to get out and work hard and we did.".

Tom O'Brien
- returning to Ireland in 2014

Tom is returning to Tipperary in 2014 with wife Evelyn and their daughter after he originally departed Ireland for the U.K. in 1964. His second daughter, son-in-law and 2 grandchildren will remain in Milton Keynes.

"As the move back gets closer it's hitting home more and more about leaving the grand kids back in the U.K. It's going to be very tough. It gets very emotional".

Jimmy & Mary
- returning to Ireland in 2015

"All Irish people have a desire deep down to go back to Ireland to finish off their time."

Jimmy and Mary are returning to Ireland from the UK in 2015.

"At lot of Irish people over the years have been here for donkeys' years, raised their families and all of a sudden thought we'll go back to Ireland to finish off our days. They get over there and they find that the Ireland they left is gone."

"You get to Ireland and its like you've got to dig the garden once more, clean the weeds out... it's going to be hard. You must work at it. We will miss our families in England."